Shrine to Hideto Matsumoto
i copied the text from a heero yuy geocities shrine ironically. im not a freak. sorry for ruining immersion for this disclaimer
hide is the best person to ever live. This page glows with the glory of hide immortalized in pictures, my writing, and anything else.

When I think of hide, visions of pink, tousled hair hiding compelling, intelligent eyes come to mind. He can play the guitar and sing in the most sexy, subtle voice that it sends chills coursing through my body. hide is like a god.

hide’s deep personality draws me like a moth to the fire. I doubt that anyone, not even hide himself, knows his inner-workings, thoughts, and emotions completely. However, he's also a very kind and caring person.

Beautiful, troubled depths, and stormy seas are the images that coalesce when I think of hide’s gorgeous eyes. They are so endearing and I know they hold undiscovered secrets to hide’s being. I imagine his eyes to be like “Starry Night” by Van Gogh; Dark, swirling, ever-changing, riotous, and beautiful.

hide has many wonderful personality traits such as his kindness, calmness, and creativity. He also possesses noteworthy skills like his guitar playing, composing, makeup, among many other things.hide can do anything he sets his mind to.